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  Beijing Aidixin Art of Design Co., Ltd is a comprehensive decoration company, integrating design, top-grade indoor and outdoor decoration and sales of building materials. The company possesses first-grade certificate of construction decoration project, third-grade certificate of house building project and third-grade certificate of fire protection facility project, promulgated the Ministry of Construction. It passed GB/T19001-2000idt9001:2000 Quality Management System Authentication in January 2002, having independent legal qualification, independent management and profit-and-loss responsibility, with registration capital of RMB 60 million. It engages in the following business: indoor and outdoor decoration, industrial arts, gardens art design, sales of decoration materials, sales of building materials, and offering labor service to enterprises and individuals.

  The company was founded in 1995, specializing in decorating bank, marketplace, office, recreation ground and top residential property. Through making great efforts and overcoming hardship, the turnover grows every year, from hundreds of thousands up to tens of millions, with level of design and construction improved. All finished projects were checked and accepted, having excellent quality. The projects were received appraisal and recognition from the party, enjoying high reputation in the society.

  The company has already cooperated with Innovation and Design Company established in Montreal, Canada. Innovation and Design Company professionally engages in commercial indoor decoration and design, gaining several decoration and design awards in Canada. First-class designers in China and Canada cooperate each other, through combining European artificial arts with North America’s building technology and uniting eastern legend culture with western hi-tech, to offer wide commercial and indoor design service (concluding design of scenic spot, indoor design, decoration of project, engineering management and standardization of furniture) for Chinese customers. They also devote themselves to creating gentle, true and eternal indoor space for customers.

  The company has existed 1,800 square meters of office space,with elegant and neat office environment. Each department has its own responsibility, concluding design department, operation department, engineering technical department, project manager department, finance department, material equipment department (governing storeroom), comprehensive department. In the suburbs, It has 1500 square meters of building decoration base, equipped with carpentry workshop, Stone workshop, spray painting workshop of Furniture 

The operation idea- “ high standard, high quality, high efficiency; undertake a project, make many friends and occupy a certain market”. Design idea—“ practical, economical, fashionable”.? The company offers the whole process of service from design, processing product to construction. According to different demand of different customers, taking ancient eastern traditional esthetics as design footstone and combining western modern design idea, designers always innovate and create fine works with the combination of the east and west. They turn the design idea into the reality.

  The decoration engineering management software program, with independent development and unique management characteristics, carries out computer system management in the course of construction. It is able to master situation of each working procedure and technique so as to guarantee the quality of project and improve technique and working procedure in terms of the party’s requirements. It realizes the management of each production factor (man, machine, materials, rules and steps), living up to flat-structure and line-structure management and improving work efficiency.

  In order to improve company’s quality, regarding “tidy, efficient, high quality, creative, credit” as the tenet, the company cherishes every project and contributes excellent works through unique design and excellent service. Meanwhile, the company will develop towards the direction of integration (design, sales and construction) and diversification, making great efforts and contribution for beautifying Capital and enhancing spiritual culture and material culture.

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