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Design Team
Li Pu hong
Chief designer
Graduate institute: Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Personal introduction: Member of China Institute of Interior Decoration
Work belief: Life can be the fleeting cloud but art meets no end

        Engaged in the interior design industry for more than 15 years, during which he participated in a number of large and medium interior design and construction projects. He is highly experienced in design and construction for such space as office, catering, villa and top-grade apartment, etc

Design work
/ Communication Bank Beijing branch Xisanhuan sub-branch
/ Beijing Cicheng District Committee Party school
/ New office of Statistics Bureau
/ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Petro China Building branch
/ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing branch building
/ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Dianmen branch Petro China Building sub-agency
/ Huichen Building A
/ Phoenix New Media Administration Building
/ No.6 and No.7 Building of Fangshan Training Center(ICBC)
/ Communication Bank Yinchuan branch
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